Friday, September 28, 2018

Country Singer Eileen Carey Celebrates YouTube Release at HOB San Diego

Country-Pop singer-songwriter Eileen Carey will be performing live at 6pm October 10, 2018 at House of Blues San Diego RAW Artist Showcase. If you’re looking for some Faith Hill like chill vibes and you’re near San Diego, you should save the date! RAW Showcases are always a great way to discover new music. 

Earlier this week, Eileen joined Alison Arngrim’s (stand up comedian  best known as the incredibly nasty “Nellie Oleson” on the television series “Little House On The Prairie”) radio show on Universal Broadcasting Network, to talk about her video release: ‘’That Town” where she performed a beautiful live acoustic performance.  You can listen to the show here 

Watch the new video of That Townthat was just released on YouTube. Anyone who has ever asked themselves “should I stay or should I go” can relate to the video and the lyrics.

Find out all about Eileen at:, on Facebook  and on instagram.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Country Pop Singer-Songwriter Eileen Carey Releases That Town on YouTube

Country Pop artist Eileen Carey’s That Town” YouTube Video came out last weekend and it really made me think back to when I was finishing high school and deciding whether to go to college or explore the world, was on my mind regularly.  Like the subjects in the video (being young and fearless) I decided to explore the world venturing off to other locales in my own Country and abroad.  Clearly that’s the theme of the video many of us can relate to:  'If you don’t take a chance you’ll never know what can be”.

That Town is an upbeat, bittersweet acknowledgment of the fact that most of us finally reach the point when we have to move on from the comfort of what we know to the excitement of what we can only anticipate. The vibe of the video is young college students escaping the trappings of their hometowns and coming the bright lights, and big city of Hollywood, to a backyard pool setting, known as the garden of opportunity.

Eileen Carey is a proven hit maker and a regular on the New Music Weekly Charts. Her vocal prowess is like no other, with her clear crisp smoky nuances, her individual groove has separated her away from the pack.

Definitely check out the video  and leave a comment as to what it MADE YOU think about (or remember) from one of your own similar experiences at
Find out all about Eileen at:, on Facebook  and on instagram