Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Raul Midón Showcases His Jazz/Soul Guitar Skills In His New Live Music Video For Mi Amigo Cubano

Calling all Jazz fans, both English and Spanish speaking alike! Raul Midon has just released a new music video for his newest single entitled “Mi Amigo Cubano”, a song that is sure to provide you with the soulful sounds that you crave. This track, off of the brand new album, “Don’t Hesitate”, shows Midon uniquely capturing the essence that is Jazz music, be it American or Latin. Check out his the music video and his amazing guitar skills on YouTube.

“Mi Amigo Cubano” is now available on iTunes and Amazon. Become one of Raul’s near 50,000 amigos on Facebook and on Twitter. Discover more of Raul’s Latin soul at his Official Site at: www.RaulMidon.com